Mindfulness in Action

I have recently been teaching my clients how to incorporate mindfulness into everything they do; instead of an isolated activity that we practice on our mats.  Mindfulness is a way of being that can impact every aspect of our lives, especially relationships with ourselves and others and how we relate to the world around us.  Being in a state of present moment experience allows us to engage fully in our lives and process experiences without as much judgement and filters that often lead to misunderstandings and suffering. Being mindful shifts our awareness as we begin to hear the stories we tell us as just that…stories. By spending time in present moment experience, we strengthen our ability to be fully integrated and attuned to ourselves, loved ones and our environment.

One of the most effective ways to “be mindful” is to connect with our physical body.  This is due to the fact that being present lights up the insula; a region of the brain that perceives body sensation.  By simply focusing on our breath or feeling into our fingertips we shut off our mental chatter and allow ourselves to be fully engaged in the present moment.


Activity – next time you do the dishes allow yourself to focus on physical sesations. Feel your hands under that water…notice your breath as you stand there…feel your feet on the floor.  Mental chatter will arise and when it does just notice.  Welcome yourself back into the here and now.




About kathieroseg

I am a registered psychologist and yoga therapist working in Calgary.
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