Parent Child Yoga

Offering yoga for parents and their children has been a very rewarding experience for myself as a Yoga Therapist and Counsellor. It is amazing to observe the deep bond between a child and their parent. Through partner poses, discussions, and activities, children and parents are able to connect with one another and strengthen the deep attachment they share. One of my favorite activities to do with parents and children is the mirroring game. It is amazing to watch participants deeply focus on their partner and connect with one another through movement and breathe. In our fast pace life, we rarely get the opportunity to truly focus our attention on our family members. I have been facilitating yoga for parents and children aged 6-16 for the past 3 years at the Shawnessy YMCA and would encourage other yoga teachers and therapists to create this opportunity for families in their community.

Activity – Sit back to back with your child and first focus on your own breath. Than try to focus on the breath of your partner. After a couple of minutes, try to focus on the single breath that connects both of you together.


About kathieroseg

I am a registered psychologist and yoga therapist working in Calgary.
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