Working with Women and Children who have experienced Domestic Violence

I have recently accepted a position at a women’s shelter as a Child and Parent Therapist. I am so blessed to work with an agency that understands and values the healing properties of yoga. Additional to my work as a counsellor, I have been offering Yoga Therapy to women and children who currently reside in the shelter.

Specifically, I have been working with mother’s and toddlers to enhance attachment, work through past trauma and create a sense of safety and healing within the relationship. The children have responded positively to Yoga Therapy and many children have reported feeling closer with their mothers after their involvement with the program. To bring laughter and lightness to these children who have experienced so much pain is an experience I will never forget.

I have also been offering restorative yoga to the women residing in the shelter. Restorative yoga is a profound healing practice. I have seen how this practice has helped women to heal from past traumas and to begin to open their hearts up once again. Women have reported feeling reconnected with their bodies. Often people become detached from their physical bodies after experiencing trauma or abuse. It has been amazing to watch these women reclaim themselves and accept crisis as an opportunity for growth.

I have been so touched by my work at the women’s shelter and would encourage yoga teachers to connect with shelters in their area to work with these amazing women and children. I have never worked with a more grateful and powerful group of people.

My goal for the future is to implement programs for women and children who have transitioned out of the shelter as well as offering yoga therapy to men who are involved in domestic violence situations.



About kathieroseg

I am a registered psychologist and yoga therapist working in Calgary.
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